NetWitness rated as a market leader for Security Information and Event Management

GigaOm’s recently released Radar Report places NetWitness in the Leader Circle

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NetWitness received a score of “Exceptional” in multiple areas of the SIEM Radar Report.

Key Criteria Scoring

Alarm Fidelity & Self-Tuning
Data Enrichment
Collaboration & Case Management

In this GigaOm report, you’ll learn about the rapidly evolving landscape of SIEM solutions, and considerations to help evaluate the best choice for your organization.

This data-driven analysis of 23 SIEM solutions surfaces key criteria and vital evaluation factors that impact the value these solutions deliver.

NetWitness is proud to not only be included in the assessment, but also to be named a Leader, based on the evaluation of our SIEM solution.

Look Inside:

NetWitness appears in the Maturity/Platform segment of the report, signifying stable and robust technology and a comprehensive feature set. GigaOm also awarded NetWitness with a momentum rating of Fast Mover, based on the ability to move with substantial speed to evolve its offering and serve customer needs.

NetWitness Logs Strengths

Data Enrichment:

Enrichment of log data with threat intelligence and contextual information identifies high-priority threats, reducing false positives and alleviating analysts’ alert fatigue.

Extensive Visibility

Pervasive log visibility facilitates administration and analysis of data across distributed and virtual environments for rapid detection and response.

Flexible Reporting:

Customized views and formatting for reports provides flexibility.

Accelerated Alerts:

Dynamically parses and enriches log data at capture time, creating metadata that dramatically accelerates alerting and analysis.

View the GigaOm Radar
Report for SIEM today.

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