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NetWitness XDR provides unrivaled results to keep organizations on the cutting-edge of threat detection and response.
When it comes to threats, we remove the guesswork so you no longer have to ask, “how bad is it?” Our solutions work together to identify the threat, tell you exactly what occurred, and provide you with deep insight across every machine – on and off your network.
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Whether you’re trying to simplify threat detection, reduce dwell time, or support your compliance, only NetWitness delivers the visibility and scalability that the most security-conscious SOCs require.

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NetWitness vs. The Competition

How NetWitness provides best-in-class, end-to-end XDR

Complete visibility in a single platform. If you can’t see it, you can’t detect it.
Only NetWitness enables you to see everything with point-in-time identification, real-time analytics, and full historic data from your entire ecosystem.
Get the visibility you need to detect sophisticated threats hiding in today’s complex, hybrid IT infrastructures. When your team spends less time digging for threat intelligence, they have more time to get – and stay – ahead of the curve.
Other SIEMs rely heavily on logs and are blind to the cloud. NetWitness delivers the industry’s most complete XDR by ingesting a wide set of disparate data, making it intelligent in real time, and storing it in a unified data architecture.
Our single interface supports multiple detection technologies for simple visualization, navigation, investigation, and response.
With NetWitness XDR, analysts can detect known and unknown threats, see the complete scope of an attack, and reduce the business impact, all at once, in a sophisticated and seamless user interface.

Catch threats flying under the radar.

Not all packet capture technology is created equal.
Solutions that start capturing data when an alert triggers only provide partial ability to investigate an attack, and they don’t detect threats flying under the radar.
The NetWitness Platform captures and enriches full network packet data with other data sources to create a uniform metadata model across all data types so analysts can find the attacks that logs miss.
More data and more places for attacks to hide – NetWitness XDR sees them all.
Our “network forward” approach makes NetWitness more powerful than other XDR solutions. Designed to handle more data than SIEM or endpoints generate, NetWitness has rich tools to search, correlate, and analyze massive amounts of data generated by today’s complex organizations.

Intelligent data and advanced analytics.

Spot attacks that would have gone unnoticed.
By harnessing the power of machine learning and combining it with data science techniques, NetWitness performs deeper data enrichment at the time of capture for faster and more valuable analysis in the midst of an investigation.
Our advanced analytics powered by AI detect attacks and anomalies earlier, and connect incidents to expose the full attack scope in a fraction of the time it takes other platforms. And, unlike other solutions, we automatically add MITRE ATT&CK framework data at ingestion.

State-of-the-art automation and orchestration capabilities.

Improve analyst productivity and reduce risk.
NetWitness Orchestrator enables consistent, transparent, and documented threat investigations and threat hunting capabilities for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, every time.
Our playbook-driven automated response actions, automatic detection, and machine-learning-powered insights lead to swift resolutions and more efficient SOCs. With unmatched orchestration and automation capabilities, teams can prioritize and investigate threats rapidly and coordinate activities across the entire environment.

Ensure compliance.

Security done right.
The NetWitness Platform captures, retains, and archives data to support all your security needs, so you’re audit-ready at every moment. Simply share out-of-the-box compliance reports with regulatory bodies in just a few clicks.

NetWitness has your back 24/7.

We’ve got you covered.
When an incident occurs, you can count on our IR team’s immediate response to close the breach and reestablish security. In fact, organizations around the world rely on NetWitness for their internal IR needs – we’re one of the few in the industry certified by the NSA.
Our fast, responsive customer support delivers a rapid 45 to 60 minute response time window when issues first arise.
We even offer Rapid Gap Assessments to help you understand where your business may be at risk and help you take your security to the next level.

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See for yourself why leading organizations choose NetWitness over the competition.
NetWitness provides superior threat detection and response capabilities built on years of threat intelligence experience. We help organizations reduce risk, gain more visibility across the entire environment, and gain access to experts who can fill gaps or work alongside your security team, 24/7.
That’s why NetWitness Platform XDR serves more than 200 of the Fortune 500, is accredited by the US government, is recognized via the Common Criteria certification, and has won multiple industry awards.
With simplified and flexible deployment options, new content and visualization features, and SaaS and managed service capabilities, NetWitness XDR is the clear choice for organizations of all sizes and types.
We deliver on our promise to help you get ahead of the attackers and contain the risks that are keeping you up at night.
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