Eliminate Blind Spots:
NDR for the
Distributed Enterprise

Network detection and response (NDR) is the foundation of a top-performing SOC.  In an era of increasingly distributed enterprises, NDR becomes even more critical, even as modern network architectures create blind spots. 
We commissioned Enterprise Strategy Group, ESG, to create our latest whitepaper, Key Requirements for NDR in the Distributed Enterprise. This piece delves into the vital aspects of NDR tools and the unique attributes that make NetWitness a leader in the field. Discover how your organization can enhance its security stance with flexibility, visibility, and efficacy that only NetWitness can provide.
Eliminate Blind Spots with NDR Tools

Key Highlights

Challenges Security Teams Face Today

Gain insights into the complex landscape of modern cyber threats and the demands placed on security professionals to keep pace. 

NDR as a Foundational Component

Understand why Network Detection and Response is becoming an essential part of the cybersecurity infrastructure for adaptability and resilience.

Requirements for Modern NDR Solutions

Explore the critical features and capabilities that modern NDR tools must offer.

Choosing a Network-Forward Approach

Learn about the importance of selecting a robust and flexible network security vendor with essential attributes like flexibility, full packet capture, and retention to identify and combat threats.

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